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• Fixed bug causing error 228 when receiving items from mails (e.g. insurance mails)

• Fixed a bug where players of the same group could be in different locations lobby

• New iteration of fixes to reduce freezes (freezes related to GUI and volumetric lighting, looting)

• Minor server optimizations

• Minor adjustments in the AI behavior

• Adjusted the AI behavior in panic mode

• Decreased sniper AI accuracy

• Minor chat fixes

• The number of unread messages in the chat was not displayed

• Adjustments to the mechanics of spawn, in order to prevent spawn situations when members of the group could spawn near enemies

• Fixed a bug that could cause PMC player to join the same session he has just extracted from

• Fixed a bug in which the model of an object from the inspector menu could be superimposed on the screen if you quickly switch the inventory and the item inspector in raid

• Fixed a glare on the scopes of the PSO series on the Lab and Interchange

• A bug where the animation of the chamber check of PP Kedr didn't work if it had no round in it.

• Fixed reset of active selected sight when throwing grenades/using medkits/objects

• Bug that occurs when changing weapons in the aiming mode, which blocked the hands of the character

• Bug that caused visual artifact on tactical lights, in the modifications menu on ultra graphics settings

Fixed on locations:

• Shoreline, fixed the place where the player could get stuck in the village, in one of the roofs

• Shoreline, fixed culling (hiding objects) from the windows of one of the houses in the village

• Shoreline, beach culling fix

• Shoreline, fixed the display of shadows inside the shop in the village

• Interchange, fixed the place where player could get stuck in the parking lot

• Interchange, correction of the culling of the shopping center building from outside

• Customs, garage cooperative culling fix

• Customs, correction of objects culling on the “new” gas station

Password generation